Storm Damage Photo Gallery

Beat the Storm

Bad storms can leave your home a mess and damage that needs to be repaired. In a time of stress like this, you can always rely on SERVPRO of Staten Island. 

A Natural Break-in

Storm conditions can lead to flying debris and falling trees that can land on your home. These The professionals at SERVPRO of Staten Island know what do and will examine the damage and get going on repairs.

When the Unexpected Hits

Storms can happen unexpectedly and the damage that comes with them is a hassle. Let the experts at SERVPRO of Staten Island take care of your home or business after a storm so you don't have to.

Pier Problems

In order to have any property restored to its fullest, a team of experts needs to take action. Whether it be water or debris in the way, the cleanup crew at SERVPRO is here to help!

Storm Warning!

In the terrible case that any type of natural disaster is scheduled to approach your area, know that safety is first. However, in order to get your property and belongings back into their proper condition, call your local SERVPRO team for knowledgeable and efficient restoration service.

Damaged Pier in NYC

Restoration to a damaged area after a natural disaster or system of bad weather is not something that can be easily repaired by the public. Here is where the trusted team at SERVPRO comes into play with their expertise. 

Storm Surge

Storms have the potential to cause massive amounts of water buildup in a given area, which may limit mobility by all vehicles and pedestrians. Fortunately, SERVPRO works extremely hard to restore these issues day in and day out.