Commercial Photo Gallery

mold on ceiling

Suspecting Mold? We are Here to Help!

As you can see in this picture there was a serious case of mold growth on the ceiling of this Staten Island bathroom.  The mold was reproducing and needed to be removed immediately. Fortunately our SERVPRO of Southern Staten Island crew is highly trained to eliminate mold efficiently. 

We Do It All

Big or small, SERVPRO of Staten Island is prepared to handle it all from entire office buildings or a single room. 

Office Clean Up

A fire or natural disaster can leave your office a mess, and SERVPRO of Staten Island is equip and trained to get it back to normal. 

We're Open

At SERVPRO of Staten Island we know how important it is to keep your business running. We are prepared to deal with your damages quickly and effectively. 

A positive work environment

The importance of having a neat, controlled and damage-free office space is undeniable. In order to maintain a nice environment like this, make sure to eliminate any potential damages. Whether is be water, fire or mold, SERVPRO of Southern Staten Island can fix the problem quickly. 

Repairing the workplace

Maintaining the beauty and structure of your nice office building is of the utmost importance. If there were to ever be damages to your office or commercial property, SERVPRO of Staten Island will restore the area right away.

Commercial Property Restoration Experts

In any instance where your property or a portion of your property is damaged, SERVPRO of Staten Island will be on the scene to assess the situation right away. Cleanup, restoration and construction jobs all falls within our realm of expertise.

Office Restoration

If you ever experience a problem in your office space, SERVPRO Staten Island is the team to call. We specialize in all-season restoration, and will be on-site to address the issue within the day.

Restoration with Care

Here you can see how careful and precise the SERVPRO of Southern Staten Island team is when hard at work. By carefully lifting the wallpaper, and cutting a precise, straight line through the Sheetrock to access the inner wall. This allowed us to complete the restoration process with minimal impact to the building.