What our Customers say...


SERVPRO was able to quickly and successfully get rid of all the soot on the exterior of my home. They were very courteous and diligent with their services. Fantastic job! 

SERVPRO was able to cleanup the fallen trees and roots around our house that had slightly damaged the exterior. Very quick and efficient service, would highly recommend!

I couldn't have been more stressed out when a candle set our bedroom wall on fire and damaged most of the room. Luckily for us, SERVPRO responded to the scene quickly, and walked us through the restoration process. What a fine job they did, we can't thank them enough!

The SERVPRO team that came to my apt was truly very professional. They got the job done quickly, drying and cleaning all of the water damage in the back room. A job well done!

Wow! What great service this company provided in restoring our damaged walls. They were friendly, quick and professional. A+ Work.

Severe flash flooding caused several trees to fall down and many streets to be flooded in our neighborhood. Our front yard had many inches of water in it, so we decided to Call SERVPRO. What a fantastic job they did drying the area, and in good time too. Highly recommend!

A next-door fire made a large portion of our house smelly strongly of smoke. It got really bad at one point, and my wife and I started to become very uncomfortable so I told her I would call someone for help. SERVPRO was able to respond to the scene quickly and get rid of the smoke and soot on our street. Very helpful, thanks again guys !

Really good job by the cleanup crew from SERVPRO of Southern Staten Island. We had some dangerous mold in our downstairs bathroom and they came right away to fix it. Only took them about two days! Highly recommend their services.

After I discovered a good amount of black mold in my kitchen cabinets, I called my friend to ask how to approach getting rid of it. She recommended SERVPRO, so I gave them a call. They were here to help immediately, and I am very thankful for the quickness and detail that they provided! 

Thank god for SERVPRO! Our office had some terrible water damage and they were able to replace all the damaged carpeting and paneling in just a few short days, preventing us from losing many work days at once. Will be sure to spread the positive word about them. 

Many reasons why I would recommend the services of SERVPRO to any companies or friends in need of restoration services. They preform with a combination of the right knowledge/expertise and courtesy, the way it should be.  

The service of SERVPRO was very prompt and polite, something that helped calm me down significantly. I will be sure to recommend their services to my friends and around the neighborhood. 

Thank you to the restoration team of SERVPRO of Southern Staten Island. My wife and I can finally go back to sleeping in peace.

SERVPRO did an excellent job restoring my home kitchen. So glad my friend told me about them, will be sure to use again if I ever need to!

Wow! Great work done by the team of SERVPRO of Staten Island. Will definitely be referring them to others. 

No need to call anyone else for jobs like these. Thanks for your help SERVPRO. Great work.

The SERVPRO team was very professional when working in our office. We didn't lose more than a day or two of work due to their efficiency. Thanks again, I'll be calling for help next time around.

My restaurant's kitchen had some minor flooding issues, which ultimately forced us to close for a few business days. Luckily SERVPRO was able to limit loss of business. Thanks again!

Many thanks to the team of SERVPRO of Staten Island. They got out all of the water buildup in our basement, and now we can finally go back to enjoying it!

The basement at our office had major leakage over the weekend. We called SERVPRO to ask what to do, and they assured us they would handle the rest. Very impressed with the efficiency of the team. Highly recommend their service!

My wife and I were very pleased with the work that SERVPRO did for us. We were very anxious when we saw the kind of damages that the flash flooding did to our yard. Thankfully, the cleanup team was there to help with their expertise.

SERVPRO was exceptionally professional and effective in relieving my stress after the most recent storm. I had minor flooding and damages all throughout my backyard. Thank you so much SERVPRO!

The SERVPRO team was fantastic to call when we head storm wreckage in the basement of our convenience store by the water. Thank you for the amount of kindness and expertise you put into repairing and cleaning our store!

After heavy rainfall and winds, my wife and I had lots of debris and many inches of water in our backyard. The trusted restoration team of SERVPRO was on site within hours to help alleviate our stress!

Thanks to the wonderful crew of SERVPRO of Southern Staten Island to ridding my backyard of dead plants and debris from a small grill fire. Glad to have this taken care of by you guys!

SERVPRO did a fantastic job moving all of the smoke pollution out of our house that occurred from a fire next door. Thank you for the service!

A next door fire caused smoke to permeate through the walls of our home. Then soot started to collect on the exterior of our wall. In order to be safe and efficient we were told to call the local SERVPRO team. Let me just say I'm very glad that we did!

I couldn't believe the damages my wife and I incurred from a small kitchen fire that happened while making breakfast the other morning. When we stumbled upon SERVPRO, we were pleased at the potential of having our destroyed walls and stove re-mediated. I am pleased to say this was the case!

Extremely pleased with the knowledge and skill of the SERVPRO of Staten Island team. Fantastic level of care and service was put into restoring the damages our house incurred.

SERVPRO was very professional when they came to our office. I was very content with the job they did after seeing the finished product.

I was referred to the services of SERVPRO by a friend after she had her kitchen floor flooded with water. She said that the crew came in to clean and dry the area, and did the job with ease and speed. I will be sure to call them in the future!

SERVPRO did a fantastic job cleaning up the remnants of broken ceiling in our office warehouse. We called them and they were on the site within the day. The entire job was completed in a manner of 48 hours. Thank you SERVPRO team!

We had some smoke odor that hung around for too long.  We tried to handle the situation on our own with little success.  I wish I would have called SERVPRO of Southern Staten Island sooner.  The annoying smell is gone!

Tremendous work by this team.  They were able to undertake a large project and deliver by the deadlines to help us meet ours.  

Amazing customer service and great management.  Thank you for your hard work.

Our building had some minor flooding that caused big headaches.  Rob and his team really saved us a lot of time and money by being quick to respond.  

I use these guys regularly for HVAC cleaning.  Always on time and efficient.  

Customer for life.  I wanted to send a thank you to Rob and his wonderful team.  You all gave us a play by play of progress and were very professional.  I'm glad we made the connection and look forward to working with you all soon.

This was my first experince with SERVPRO of Southern Staten Island and it won't be my last!  Very impressed with the response time and attention to detail.

Phil was excellent to work with.  Their crew helped cleanup our distribution center and get it photo ready.  I couldn't believe how thourough they were.  I highly recommend this team.  

There was a lingering smoke odor in our office building that would not go away, even after months.  Mason and his team were great and efficient.  Smoke smell is out of the picture.  

We had a bit of damage incurred from a stove fire, covering our furniture in soot and making it unable for my wife or I to sleep on our bed. SERVPRO was very quick and responsive in gettin to our home and effectively cleaning our furniture and getting our lives back together as quickly as possible.

I couldn't have asked for better.  Thanks to Dawn and her team my crew was able to get back to work faster than expected.

This was a great group of people. Don is wonderful and kept me updated every step of the way.

I highly recommend SERVPRO of Southern Staten Island to anyone and everyone! I had a major water damage in my home and was panicking- having no idea where to start in fixing this.. So I called a friend of mine and he recommended SERVPRO, saying that they get the job done cutting no corners, and working fast and efficiently. He was totally right! I had a call back from them in less than 30 minutes and there was a team to my house in l an hour or so.

Best in the business! 5 stars SERVPRO! keep up the great work






Best company for mold, fire & water damage restoration/ remediation! A++