Fire Damage Photo Gallery

Laundry's done!

Built up lint in your drier can result in a serious fire. Luckily SERVPRO of Staten Island is prepared to help. They are able to get rid of the smoke smell as well as the damage done. 

Up In Smoke

Smoking in the home not only leaves behind a lingering smell, but is one of the leading causes of fire in homes. SERVPRO of Staten Island is equip to remove the smell as well deal with any repairs in the case of a fire. 

When the Kitchen Attacks

Kitchens are often the source of many homes fires, the damage can be devastating but with the help of SERVPRO of Staten Island the damage can be reversed. 

Living Room Metldown

The expert team at SERVPRO of Staten Island, NY works extremely efficiently to limit long-term damages from strong fires such as these. Make sure to call the team to the scene as soon as you can!

Smoke Startle in Staten Island

The dangers of large amounts of smoke buildup after a fire can be widespread. To avoid an excess of unwanted smoke, make sure to call the SERVPRO team to resolve the issue as quickly as possilbe.


Fire accidents can happen at any moment. When large amounts of damage to property and belongings happens, who better than to fix up the problem than the expert restoration team of your local SERVPRO!

Up in Smoke

Fires can cause widespread damage to properties due to their unpredictability. Thankfully the brave fire fighters of Staten Island are there to save lives. After the fire is put out, call your local SERVPRO team to finish the job and cleanup the mess.