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Why Choose SERVPRO of Staten Island? Your Local Experts for Disaster Recovery & Restoration

8/2/2023 (Permalink)

When disaster strikes your Staten Island home or business, it's crucial to have a trusted partner to help you navigate the challenging recovery process. Whether you're dealing with water damage, fire, mold, or storm aftermath, SERVPRO of Staten Island is your local expert committed to getting you back on track. Here's why you should choose us for your restoration and recovery needs.

1. 24/7 Rapid Response

When it comes to disaster recovery, every minute matters. That's why SERVPRO of Staten Island operates 24/7, ensuring immediate response to your emergency, thus mitigating damage and minimizing recovery costs.

2. Highly Trained Experts

Our team at SERVPRO of Staten Island is made up of professionals who are extensively trained as per IICRC (Institute of Inspection, Cleaning, and Restoration Certification) standards in fire, water cleanup, and restoration, as well as mold remediation. Their expertise enables them to handle your specific situation efficiently and effectively.

3. Cutting-Edge Technology

At SERVPRO of Staten Island, we employ state-of-the-art equipment and techniques in all our restoration services. From water removal and drying to smoke elimination and mold remediation, we use advanced tools to ensure the best results.

4. Full-Range Services

We offer a comprehensive suite of services, right from initial damage assessment and cleanup to final restoration. With SERVPRO of Staten Island, you'll have a dedicated team managing your recovery process, ensuring a smooth, consistent, and efficient journey back to normalcy.

5. Respect for You and Your Property

We understand the stress and disruption that comes with fire or water damage. Our team treats your property and belongings with the utmost care, working meticulously to restore as much as possible to its pre-damage condition.

6. Assistance with Insurance Claims

Navigating insurance paperwork after a disaster can be confusing and stressful. We're here to help manage the insurance process, making it less daunting for you.

Located in the heart of your community, SERVPRO of Staten Island is dedicated to helping our neighbors recover from disasters swiftly and efficiently. Our goal is to make it "Like it never even happened."

Need expert cleanup and restoration services in Freeport? Call us today at 718-979-4100. Day or night, SERVPRO of Staten Island is ready to assist, providing local expertise you can count on.

Being Ready For Any Disaster

9/27/2022 (Permalink)

Be Ready!

If an emergency were to happen in your business today, would you and all employees be prepared? If your answer is no then don't be frightened!  SERVPRO of Southern Staten Island is here to help! We can come out to your business and set up an Emergency Ready Plan for FREE! What is an Emergency Ready Plan aka ERP?  An ERP is a packet for you and your employees to have to help keep everyone calm during an emergency.  The packet includes a property overview, building access information, an emergency action checklist, contact information for the local Fire Department, Police Department, and Hospital, pictures of all shut off valves and description of location, and more.  Being prepared for an emergency requires a team effort.  Communities and businesses need to have contingency plans in place to ensure their residents and workers stay informed.  By working together, individuals, families, businesses and communities can make a real difference in minimizing the impact that a disaster has on their lives and their livelihoods.  If disaster does strike, leaving fire, water or mold damage in its wake, SERVPRO of Southern Staten Island's emergency restoration specialists offer an assortment of services to help local residents quickly restore damaged property.  For more information about SERVPRO or to receive free emergency preparedness materials, please contact SERVPRO of Southern Staten Island.


Why Choose SERVPRO of Southern Staten Island?

9/16/2022 (Permalink)

Choosing the best in the business- 

When it comes to residential and commercial restoration or cleaning services, the value of speed cannot be overstated. When disaster strikes, the ability to get the problem fixed immediately is imperative, not only to get your life back to normal, but to mitigate damages. For residential properties, we understand that our clients depend on fast action to get their home back in order so their family can return to their normal routine. For commercial properties, we certainly get that business owners depend on fast action to get their company back up and running and ensure that no customers or employees are subjected to unsafe conditions.

So why us?

At SERVPRO of Southern Staten Island our restoration specialists are truly faster to any size disaster any time of the day or week. Our team consisting of highly trained professionals understands the urgency that comes with fire damage, water damage, storm damage, mold remediation or any other disaster. As such, we are proficient at providing 24-hour emergency service with the best response rates, making us the trusted leader in the restoration industry.

On top of our unmatched speed, we specialize in handling disasters of any size. Whether your property has suffered from a minor water damage in the garage or a major fire in your 3 story home, our advanced restoration and cleaning equipment can handle it all. We take a lot of pride in our ability to serve the local community and play our role in keeping residents safe and secure.

Don't hesitate to call!

If you or a loved one has a property that has been damaged, look no further than SERVPRO of Southern Staten Island . As soon as we get the call, we will begin to act right away, sending out a project manager and our skilled restoration technicians to your property right away. If you need someone to get there quickly and do the job right, call us today. 

SERVPRO Certified Clean

8/27/2022 (Permalink)

Beginning in March, New York City went into lockdown alongside other major US cities as the world braced itself for the COVID-19 pandemic. This new reality has challenged what it means to be clean for both homeowners and businesses everywhere. And with more outbreaks on the rise it was necessary for someone to step up and create an efficient and proper plan of action to cleanup businesses. As the biggest name in restoration and cleanup, SERVPRO launched Certified: SERVPRO Cleaned in order to give Americans the confidence to go back into the office, back to work, back to living their lives. This vigorous program is designed to fit strict CDC guidelines and use EPA approved disinfectants, offering a professional clean that is backed by over five decades of SERVPRO experience in biohazard cleaning.

The Certified: SERVPRO Cleaned process begins by addressing each customer’s three unique "Cs":

  1. Consult:  A representative will create a custom cleaning program to address all areas needed to assure success.
  2. Clean: Our professionals will come in to deliver a thorough cleaning process that adheres to our strict CDC guideline approved COVID-19 response cleaning.
  3. Certify: A shining seal of approval that is granted once your space has been properly cleaned and sanitized. Once we can certify that your place is ready to open back up, SERVPRO will give you a symbol of excellence to reassure employees and customers alike.

Our program focuses on maintaining the highest standards of cleanliness. This is achieved by our team of professionals coming to sanitize hard and soft surfaces, focusing on cleaning high touch surfaces, and providing hygiene products and signage for guests. If you want to re-open with the utmost confidence, you need to trust the biggest name in cleaning and restoration: SERVPRO. As Staten Island has opened up, make sure that you’re providing customers with a clean that adheres to high standards of cleanliness. Give us a call at (718) 979-4100 to get started!

Harbor Heroes

5/9/2022 (Permalink)

SERVPRO of Southern Staten Island is proud to be sponsoring the Ferry Hawks program called the Harbor Hero Program, in which one civil servant or community volunteer will be honored at each home game as the Harbor Hero of the Game.

We are excited to be working alongside members of our community to honor the heroes and leaders we walk by everyday. At SERVPRO, we are more than a cleanup and restoration company, we are a part of the community we service and actively participate in it! We encourage everyone to take a look at it and consider nominating someone you feel fits the role of Harbor Hero

The team website describes the program as follows:

“Staten Island is a borough full of everyday heroes and essential workers who take care of their families and their neighborhoods. Staten Island is known for the heavy presence of first responders, civil servants, the Staten Island Coast Guard Station and Fort Wadsworth.


“The Harbor Hero of the Game Nomination is the FerryHawks’ way to honor one of Staten Island’s own heroes each game who protect us and support us on a daily basis. Help us recognize these special men and women that give it their all for the community we call home.


“Fill out the request form below and we will chose one special individual for each of our 66 home games to be honored before the game!” 

Clean Ducts For Your Employees

1/9/2022 (Permalink)

Why SERVPRO of Southern Staten Island?

If you clean your air duct system incorrectly or use improper tools, you can worsen the condition of your air quality. At SERVPRO of Southern Staten Island, we have our own tested, and proven approach to cleaning air vents – we use the highest quality professional equipment and environmentally safe cleaners to effectively clean and purify your air ducts.

As a result, you will notice an improvement in the air quality from cleaning your air vents, it is safeguarding the health of your employees, especially in the midst of the pandemic. In addition, our team of air duct cleaning specialists will assess the condition of your system if you believe there are any pre-existing conditions (such as mildew, mold growth, etc.).

Cleaner Air is a Safer Work Space

The air inside your office building can be two to five times more polluted than air outside. When dust, debris and other contaminants begin to build up in your heating, ventilation and air conditioning (HVAC) system over time, they can trigger allergies and other issues. And they even reduce energy efficiency, in turn increasing your energy costs. 

After we have completed the evaluation and inspection, we create and provide our customers with a plan, outlining the work to be performed and a time frame for completing it. Next, our certified technicians use our specialty equipment to remove the pollutants. SERVPRO of Southern Staten Island HVAC cleaning division systematically cleans every component of your building’s ventilation system.

We maintain an open line of communication with all centers of Influence throughout the entire cleaning process, available 24/7. Our goal is to ensure minimal disruption to your business operations and get you back on track as fast as possible. After SERVPRO of Southern Staten Island’s air duct cleaning is complete, we conduct a final inspection and provide each customer with daily progress reports throughout. 

Our approach ensures that we make a difference from other companies out there, we want you to be completely satisfied with the results and make "Like it never even happened."

Certified: SERVPRO Cleaned

11/21/2021 (Permalink)

Let us help you get back to business

As our communities re-open, we’re all moving back toward a new kind of normal. The expectations of visitors, customers, and employees who come into our establishments have evolved, and staying safe and well is a top concern. The global COVID-19 pandemic has changed what it means to be clean, and we’ve developed a program to help your business meet the new higher standard of clean that is now expected.

Certified: SERVPRO Cleaned is a defensive cleaning program we’re offering to businesses and commercial locations to address the current COVID-19 pandemic. This proactive viral pathogen cleaning program goes well beyond janitorial or carpet cleaning. By choosing Certified: SERVPRO Cleaned, you, your employees, your customers, and your community can rest assured that you’ve selected a higher cleaning standard – you are Certified: SERVPRO Cleaned.

Extensive training and specialized products

As the #1 choice in cleanup and restoration*, we stand on more than 50 years of experience and expertise to help your business become Certified: SERVPRO Cleaned.  Beyond fire & water, SERVPRO professionals are trained and experienced in biohazard decontamination and chemical spills – always adhering to the cleaning and decontamination standards set by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention and local authorities. 

From formulating and creating our proprietary cleaning products, like SERVPROXIDE, at our headquarters in Gallatin, TN, to taking the utmost care while disinfecting, we will ensure you and your business are set up to inspire consumer confidence as the economy continues to reopen.

3 C’s – Consult, Clean, and Certify

When the stakes are this high, you want a partner who has developed an industry leading, proprietary training program, cleaning solutions, and remediation processes over decades. We’ve cleaned up some of the most challenging biohazards imaginable. Certified: SERVPRO Cleaned reflects our unique experiences and capabilities. The program is grounded with our unique 3 C’s: Consult, Clean, and Certify.

  • Consult – Every business is different, which is why you’ll be assigned a Cleaning Protocol Consultant who understands your business and will create a cleaning program to meet your specific needs. This program will be developed based on your business type, size of space, amount of high frequency touchpoints, foot traffic and congestion points.
  • Clean – Based on your specific business needs, your location will undergo a thorough, deep clean, using exclusive cleaning products, according to protocols set forth by the CDC. Our employees have years of experience, and we will go beyond the scope of work that regular janitorial staff perform. Cleanup procedures generally include cleaning of porous and non-porous surfaces, disinfecting of non-porous surfaces, cleaning and disinfecting of equipment, tools, and/or supplies used for cleanup process, and disposal of hazardous materials.  In the event of a suspected or confirmed COVID-19 event, we will be there cleaning within 24 hours to ensure you get back to business as quickly as possible. 
  • Certify - Once your business location has been Certified: SERVPRO Cleaned, you will gain access to proprietary signage, digital emblems, and other collateral that communicates that you’ve selected a higher standard of clean available to help protect your employees and customers. And because we add the day, month, and year to that proprietary stamp of clean, your guests will know that not only did you choose Certified: SERVPRO Cleaned, but that your location is being cleaned regularly at this standard.

Call today for a Certified: SERVPRO Cleaned consultation

We’re Here to Help – 24 hours a day, seven days a week – until life is back to normal in the communities we all call home.

Call SERVPRO of Southern Staten Island today at  718-979-4100 for your Certified: SERVPRO Cleaned consultation.

* #1 Choice in cleanup & restoration based Commercial Attitude & Usage Tracking study. Polling 816 commercial business decision makers on first choice for future needs related to cleanup & restoration work. Study conducted by C&R Research: October 2019

Certified: SERVPRO Cleaned means professionally trained SERVPRO franchises perform the requested cleaning, sanitizing and disinfection services according to proprietary SERVPRO protocols and recognized industry and CDC standards with EPA approved cleaning products to deliver a SERVPRO certified cleaning experience.  Each SERVPRO franchise is independently owned and operated.

Why Choose SERVPRO?

9/22/2021 (Permalink)

What Makes SERVPRO the Right Choice?

Here at SERVPRO of Southern Staten Island, we have a well trained team of professionals that are prepared to handle any situation, 24/7 and 365 days a week! Our results are proof of our promise to provide the best service to our clients with expedited service that does not compromise on value!

Always On Call

Whether it is Four in the morning or in the afternoon, SERVPRO is able to dispatch a team of professionals to quickly address any issue you may have. Burst pipes? Fire damage? Flooding? No matter what you’re facing, we have a team standing by with the best equipment and professionals. 

No Job Too Big

Did you know that the SERVPRO Disaster Recovery Team is both prequalified and strategically positioned to handle a natural disaster of any size within the United States? Our SERVPRO Commercial Large Loss Division is uniquely positioned to help in case of any large loss with urgency and unmatched mitigation efforts. Whether flood or tornado, hurricane or storm, the Disaster Recovery Team is prepared for the unpredictable! We were ready to mobilize during Hurricane Sandy in 2012, calling upon our 1,700 strong network of franchises across the globe!

Proven Track Record

At SERVPRO we are a trusted franchise that has been the leader in the cleanup and restoration industry for 50 plus years. In that time, our services have been trusted by businesses, homeowners, the insurance industry, and the government! 

No matter how big your disaster, we will make sure it looks "Like it never even happened." Call SERVPRO of Southern Staten Island today for more information and help. 

Why Choose SERVPRO for Mold Remediation?

8/23/2021 (Permalink)

SERVPRO of Southern Staten Island is trained in water damage restoration, including mold remediation. Our specialists are prepared to stop the growth of mold and stop it from recurring. We are available 24/7 to help restore your home or business to new, free from smell and leaving the job with confidence your problem is solved. With many years in the business we know what we are doing and are prepared to help no matter how big or small the job. 

The Process

Mold cannot just be removed, it must be treated and prevented from occurring again, if done incorrectly the spores can be buried under new construction and continue to thrive and create a much bigger problem. 

  1. Contact us and we will take your information for someone to come on site as soon as possible
  2. A specialist will come onsite and inspect the issue at hand 
  3. The mold is then contained to stop spreading 
  4. The air is filtered to take spores out
  5. Infested material is removed and then replaced
  6. Surrounding contents of the area are cleaned and put back
  7. The area is restored to new and you can go back to living a mold free life 

Call today-(718) 979-4100 for quick assistance and more information. 

SERVPRO For Your Disaster Cleanup

8/21/2021 (Permalink)

When it comes to residential and commercial restoration or cleaning services, the value of speed cannot be overstated. When disaster strikes, the ability to get the problem fixed immediately is imperative, not only to get your life back to normal, but to mitigate damages. For residential properties, we understand that our clients depend on fast action to get their home back in order so their family can return to their normal routine. For commercial properties, we certainly get that business owners depend on fast action to get their company back up and running and ensure that no customers or employees are subjected to unsafe conditions.

At SERVPRO of Southern Staten Island our restoration specialists are truly faster to any size disaster any time of the day or week. Our team consisting of highly trained professionals understands the urgency that comes with fire damage, water damage, storm damage, mold remediation or any other disaster. As such, we are proficient at providing 24-hour emergency service with the best response rates, making us the trusted leader in the restoration industry.

On top of our unmatched speed, we specialize in handling disasters of any size. Whether your property has suffered from a minor water damage in the garage or a major fire in your 3 story home, our advanced restoration and cleaning equipment can handle it all. We take a lot of pride in our ability to serve the local community and play our role in keeping residents safe and secure.

If you or a loved one has a property that has been damaged, look no further than SERVPRO of Southern Staten Island . As soon as we get the call, we will begin to act right away, sending out a project manager and our skilled restoration technicians to your property right away. If you need someone to get there quickly and do the job right, call us today. 

How to Prevent Damage to your home

8/5/2021 (Permalink)

Fallen trees When trees fall, know who to call

Storms are as unexpected as the damage they bring. However, with the right preparation, much of the storm damage can be circumvented or averted altogether. Here are some tips below to help avoid the damages future storms may carry. When disaster strikes let us be the ones you call. 

Clean Your Gutters

As it rains, and your gutters are clogged from a lack of cleaning, overflow will run down into your home. Often, this water will remain undetected and sit pooled up. Over time, mold growth occurs in these areas that have remained moist. Cleaning your gutters and ensuring they are sturdy before the rain comes can minimize the damage a storm may cause.

Landscaping and drainage

Depending on the land your home was built on, water runoff after any amount of rain can accumulate around your foundation, in turn causing a flood in your home. Fortunately, there are solutions with specialized landscaping. Better pathways can be made for water runoff, guiding the water away from your home. If you notice puddles or water accumulation near your home when it rains, contact a professional to help, before a storm comes. This will make a difference in whether your home is damaged or not.

Damaged or Dead Trees 

Severe damage often occurs when a tree or limbs break off and topples onto or even into a home. Snow and rain can weigh down trees, while wind causes them to bend. If this happens to trees and limbs that are dead or damaged, there’s a high chance that they will break. Before the storm season comes, be sure to trim your trees, and remove all dead limbs.

Commercial Services at SERVPRO

1/8/2021 (Permalink)

SERVPRO - image of people wiping down a surface with rags Why SERVPRO

Whether your need is removing an odor problem or deep cleaning flooring or carpets, you can depend on SERVPRO of Southern Staten Island Professional to get the job done right the first time.  They'll respond promptly and make your workspace look its very best.  We are available 24 hours a day to get your business back up and running.  Our expertise includes restoration services for fire and water damage, including electronics restoration and document drying.  We are also your business's best resource for mold remediation.  Our certified SERVPRO cleaned defensive cleaning program gives your business a way forward to provide your employees and customers ongoing safety as you operate after the COVID -19 pandemic.  As America's #1 cleanup and restoration brand, we have developed a program that is grounded in our 3 C's - Consult, Clean and Certify.  Let us show you how er can make your building or home safer and ready to back to business.  Your commercial property's appearance speaks volumes to your clients.  So when the need arises for professional cleaning or emergency restoration services, SERVPRO of Southern Staten Island Professionals have the training and expertise to help make it "Like it never even happened."  Contact SERVPRO of Southern Staten Island, we are here to help you, we have 24 hour service.

Covid-19 disinfecting cleaning using SERVPRO of Southern Staten Island

12/11/2020 (Permalink)

SERVPRO - image of cartoon cleaning devices SERVPRO of Southern Staten Island

SERVPRO of Southern Staten Island uses EPA registered SERVPROXIDE which carries the EPA's lowest toxicity rating, making it safe for every day use.  Our disinfectant super powers, SERVPROXIDE can kill bacteria, viruses and mold. It is safe for the environment.  It kills harmful bacteria on hard and soft surfaces and removes mold and mildew & keeps it from growing for up to 4 weeks.  It disinfects as it cleans. Sanitizes hard and soft surfaces.  100% biodegradable surfactant. Areas of use include:  Homes, vehicles, schools, daycare, gyms, locker rooms, sports gear, hospitals, nursing homes, veterinary, ambulances, laboratories, restaurants, boats, ships, federally inspected meat & poultry processing plants, and airplanes.  SERVPROxide kills:  MRSA, Staph aureus, and many other bacterial and viral pathogens.  The CDC recommends usage of a labeled hospital grade disinfectant with claims against similar pathogens to the coronavirus.  Multiple products in the SERVPRO product line carry the EPA-approved emerging pathogens claims.  While there is currently no product tested against this particular strain of the coronavirus, we are following all guidelines as provided by the CDC and local authorities.  While the COVID-19 pandemic has changed what it means to be clean, SERVPRO is here to help keep your customer and employees safe, and also let everyone know you've chosen a HIGHER standard of clean.  SERVPRO cleaned is a defensive, proactive viral pathogen cleaning program backed by our more than 50 years of experience in cleanup and restoration.  To get a free quote or to learn more, contact us at SERVPRO of Southern Staten Island.

Why SERVPRO of Southern Staten Island is the #1 Choice in Cleanup and Restoration

11/5/2020 (Permalink)

SERVPRO trucks We're here for you, 24/7!

With a leadership team that averages 20 + years of supply chain experience, SERVPRO's atmosphere promotes autonomous thinking, trust, and appreciation of our trade.  SERVPRO is a leader in the restoration industry, and its professionals are faster to any size disaster. 

SERVPRO franchise professionals are available 24 hours a day/7 days a week and are ready to restore or clean your property.  Residential Services:  Whether you need emergency flood damage restoration or top-to-bottom home cleaning, you can trust SERVPRO franchise professionals to make your house feel like home again.  They have the training, experience, and equipment to quickly get your home looking its best. Our residential services include the following:  Water Damage Restoration, Fire Damage Restoration, Mold Remediation, Storm Damage Restoration and Cleaning Services.

Your Commercial services for your property's appearance speaks volumes to your clients.  So when the need arises for professional cleaning or emergency restoration services, SERVPRO franchise professionals have the training and expertise to help make it "Like it never even happened." 

Our commercial services include the following:  Commercial Water Damage Restoration, Commercial Fire Damage Restoration, Commercial Mold Remediation, Commercial Cleaning Services, and Commercial Storm and Major Events.  We can help your home or business enjoy: Better indoor air quality, Improved efficiency, lower energy bills, and improved temperature control.  By replacing old systems with newer models, our team can help you save money in the long run.

Furthermore, repairing your existing system can improve the indoor air quality of your home or business.  Leaky or cracked ducts can let in allergens, dust, and other particles from outside.  Thus, our services can not only make you more comfortable, but can also help protect your respiratory health.

Why We Are Faster To Any Size Disaster

10/29/2020 (Permalink)

SERVPRO vans You expect fast service, and we are here to deliver. Learn about our SERVPRO 1-4-8 Policy and how you can benefit!

No matter what type of damage you may experience, whether it's water, fire, or a natural disaster, one thing is for certain. The longer you wait to address it, the longer and costlier it is to repair.

SERVPRO of Southern Staten Island is a firm believer in timely mitigation to manage your property damage, eliminate unnecessary downtime, and to lower your recovery costs. Many other restoration services can have you wait to be scheduled, leaving you out of luck and your property in jeopardy. Not SERVPRO, here's our 1-4-8 Policy and a little about what sets us apart from other restoration companies.

You will appreciate the rapid response and training of SERVPRO of Southern Staten Island to help limit damage and get your home or facility back to normal quickly. You can count on SERVPRO’s 1-4-8 service policy guidelines to ensure a timely response happens.

Service Response Guidelines

1 Hour – Within one hour of notice of loss, our admins will contact you to arrange for service that works with YOUR schedule and addresses the loss right away.

4 Hours – Within four hours of loss notification, SERVPRO of Southern Staten Island will be on-site to inspect and start services.

8 Hours – Within eight business hours, customers will receive a briefing on scope of damage and what mitigation efforts are needed to solve problem.

These guidelines are a corporate-wide standard that all SERVPRO franchisees are expected to meet, including your local SERVPRO of Southern Staten Island. Call us at 718-979-4100 if you are experiencing water/fire damage, storm damage, or any other emergency.

We are available 24/7/365 days a year to take care of your losses and get you back to normal in no time.

Five Services We Offer That MAY Surprise You

8/21/2020 (Permalink)

Technicians and Customer Did you know? We offer services that go beyond emergency response to provide some routine services for your home or business!

“I didn’t know you guys did that?!?”

It’s a line I hear often. Most who are familiar with our household name, SERVPRO, don’t realize the catalogue of services we’re equipped to offer. I’m still educating my mom on what exactly SERVPRO does, besides the clients and neighbors that I speak to daily about what sets our team apart from all the rest. Aside from the rapid response time, nationwide network, and decades of expertise, I like to tell them about all of the services that are not immediately obvious to those who have heard of the SERVPRO name before.

As the #1 name in Cleanup and Restoration, to the average on-looker it seems that we are primarily an emergency service provider. Which is only half of the story. The truth is that your local SERVPRO can provide cleaning and maintenance that provides high value in one stop. I’m talking about a deep clean that will leave you speechless when you walk into your home. Or having a one-stop that takes care of cleaning your office’s air ducts each quarter, without hassle.

#5 Carpet Cleaning

SERVPRO offers a professional carpet cleaning and maintenance service that can extend the lifetime of your carpet and upholstery by a longshot. To help your carpets look in top shape, our professionals offer specialized cleaning methods that target both optimal cleaning based on type of carpet or upholstery and levels of clean for deeply soiled carpets. 

  • Bonnet Cleaning / A more gentle, but effective method for short pile carpets.
  • Hot Water Extraction / A deep cleaning method for all carpet types.
  • Deluxe Precondition and Rinse / Helps restore deeply soiled areas.
  • Showcase Premier Cleaning / The most thorough cleaning method in the business.
  • Dry Cleaning / For more sensitive materials

Think of a carpet as a filter. Carpets trap dust, dirt, gases, animal hair, and more. Besides frequent vacuuming, preventative maintenance includes spot removal, pilating the carpet, and using mats to limit soil getting tracked into the home. In order to prevent moderate to worse soil buildup, it’s important to regularly schedule carpet cleaning by a professional. If you think that at-home cleaning methods are just as effective, think about this. Your carpet could be causing itchy skin, athlete’s foot, asthma, and eczema. The list goes on, but you get the idea. Dirty carpets = health risks.

Our recommendation? A professional clean for your home’s carpet should be done at least annually to keep them as close to their original appearance as possible. By hiring a professional, you get access to the industrial cleaning materials that can penetrate layers of dirt that can hide behind what you see on the surface. Get rid of those stains and keep your home clean.

BOTTOM LINE: If you have carpets in your home or office, it’s time to think about the last time they were cleaned and taken care of professionally. Besides appearance, it can help prevent allergies and save you money by not having to replace your carpet regularly.

#4 Air Duct and HVAC Cleaning

Have you ever experienced bad indoor air quality? It can cause headaches, fatigue, coughing, sneezing, and dryness to your skin and respiratory system. The usual suspect is ventilation systems that are not maintained regularly. 

Did you know? According to the EPA, indoor air is actually way more polluted than outdoor air. This is due to the closed environment where particles can be easily trapped and develop into toxins that linger in the air and also on surfaces.

Our teams routinely inspect heating, ventilation, and air conditioning units (HVAC). This means a regular check-up on your HVAC to keep them running clean that will A) extend the lifespan of your equipment and B) make sure you’re not breathing in dirty air and C) save money on energy costs by making sure your equipment is not overheating or leaking.

BOTTOM LINE: If you’ve never scheduled an air duct or HVAC cleaning, get it done ASAP! Waiting any longer could allow for prolonged health consequences in addition to money wasted on equipment that is not maintained optimally. Allow a SERVPRO technician to inspect and tell you the best cleaning method to make sure you’re breathing clean air and saving money on your utility bills.

#3 Drape and Blind Cleaning

Surprised? Join the club. But, SERVPRO professionals are trained at cleaning various fabrics. Care is taken to inspect fabrics to make sure that the best cleaning method is chosen, making sure that we are treating your fabrics expertly. Draperies are dry cleaned by our technicians using our state of the art equipment, and they are done inside the home!

How does it work? We use a special solvent on your draperies, then it is then put under pressure to extract the chemicals. The result? No damage to the material and brand new looking curtains and drapes!

BOTTOM LINE: We recommend cleaning your drapery approximately every two years. It’s not invasive and will keep your curtains looking brand new as well as reduce odors that may be clinging to the fabrics. 

#2 Vandalism and Graffiti Cleanup

Destruction of your property can be extremely aggravating. As a native New Yorker, I see it all the time on homes, apartment buildings, and commercial spaces. Simple acts, such as breaking a window, are a gateway for water and mold damage to come in and wreak havoc on your property.

But, you may wonder what exactly can our team do to fix your issue? We can: remove graffiti from exterior walls, clean outdoor spaces (think driveways, walkways, asphalt), remove debris, and remove odors.

BOTTOM LINE: If you find graffiti on your property or find that your place has been vandalized, call our technicians. Our team will clear out the mess and make it look "Like it never even happened." We might even help you teepee their house in retaliation (just kidding!).

#1 COVID-19 Cleaning

As we slowly return to brick-and-mortar establishments, it’s crucial to make sure your business or organization is equipped to deal with the high standards for hygiene. Certified: SERVPRO Cleaned, our newly unveiled defensive pathogen program, is designed to offer a professional clean that is just not possible via regular custodial cleaning. We aim to inspire confidence in our communities by working with businesses to create a custom tailored plan to make sure they are ready as they welcome back employees, increase indoor capacity, and/or routinely sanitize to protect against the virus.

Did you know? Our technicians are biochemical spill remediation specialists. Our high standards of cleaning have been the norm for our company for over 50 years. Compare that to other professional services that are scrambling to create cleaning solutions that are able to tackle the unique challenges of the COVID-19 strain. 

What to expect? If you’re interested in participating in this program, a team member will go over what we call our 3 unique C’s: Consult, Clean, and Certify.

Let’s Break It Down

Consult - Upon inspection and your businesses unique needs, we custom-create a cleaning program to keep your facility clean and disinfected properly.

Clean - Time to enact the plan. Our team will come in to perform a deep clean using our EPA approved solutions that abide by the standards for decontamination and cleaning. Our cleaning methods abide strictly by CDC standards, in order to give you and your customers the highest level of confidence possible when returning.

Certify - Once your facility is sparkling clean, our team will provide you with a Certified: SERVPRO Cleaned shield sticker to adhere to the front door of your business. This acts as a declaration of your businesses commitment to the comfort and safety of the community. 

BOTTOM LINE: Businesses, schools, offices, private residences, churches, gyms, and other establishments can sign up for our COVID-19 cleaning. If you’re just re-opening? This can make sure that you’re ready to welcome back employees and/or clients. Been open at a limited capacity? Use our program to inspire greater confidence to the community that you’re equipped to handle the dangers of being open amidst a still-prevalent pandemic.

Simply put? There is no better way to clean and protect against the virus than with our team for our Certified: SERVPRO Cleaned. Call (212) 768-9400 to schedule a consultation today.

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Ahead of the Curve

5/22/2020 (Permalink)

Ready for any size loss We are ready for any size loss

As many states begin to reopen, we all have feelings of uncertainty going into spaces we used to not think twice about. The convenient store, a cafe, your own work desk are all spaces that we used to frequent. At SERVPRO of Southern Staten Island we are offering our disinfectant services to places of businesses, so employees and customers feel safe in your place of business. In New York, we have a responsibility to take care of our fellow neighbors. 

Practicing preventative cleaning for reopening is essential. When SERVPRO of Southern Staten Island enters your space we are able to disinfect your entire business with EPA approved products. As we look toward the reopening date, we want to ensure your business is prepared to act. We are scheduling several weeks in advance, as we understand these are unforeseen times. We plan to help you navigate through these difficult times. 

We are providing disinfecting services for COVID-19 as well as general detailed cleanings for unoccupied homes collecting dust. 

Our Disinfectant services include:

  • Ultra Low Volume (ULV) misting or electrostatic spray of certain affected areas with EPA approved hospital grade disinfectant. This mist will eradicate any aerosolized particles allowing for a safer entry of decontamination personnel.
  • Electrostatic spray application of EPA Approved Hospital Grade disinfectant. Positively charged ions are produced within the chemical which adhere to surfaces in the affected area. This ensures total coverage of the affected area. 
  • Surface wiping of critical contact areas. Fixtures, keyboards, phones, door handles, certain contents within the affected area are hand wiped. A 5-10 minute dwell time should be allowed post wipe down. Walls up to a height of approximately 5’ throughout traffic areas.
  • Technicians will wear half face respirators with P100 filters, coveralls, goggles and nitrile gloves.

Since many homes and offices have been vacant for some time, we also offer a detailed floor to ceiling deep cleaning, from base molding to crown molding including: content manipulation, steam cleaning of drapes, carpets and upholstered furniture if needed. We will clean every square foot leaving your home or office in the highest condition. 

In addition, you would receive a dedicated team, seal of approval, an email update of job progress with photos of our crew onsite. Lastly, we will create an Emergency Ready Profile customized to your property as supplemental guidance for response protocol in the event of an emergency. We are available 24/7, 365 days out of the year. Any questions please call SERVPRO of Southern Staten Island, 718-979-4100.

Here to Help YOU

5/22/2020 (Permalink)

Here to Help Here to Help

We are answering common questions about COVID-19 such as “How can I keep my exposure minimal?” or “How do I combat this virus before it enters my home?”. SERVPRO of Southern Staten Island can help you in being proactive! We offer several levels of proactive cleaning services to our customers year round that can help minimize exposure by thoroughly disinfecting businesses and homes. At SERVPRO of Southern Staten Island, we follow CDC guidelines while performing these services. All our employees are all highly trained, wear full protection gear, and maintain correct certifications to get the job done to the highest standard. 

Several businesses have already contacted us to perform proactive cleanings of their office spaces, restaurants, theaters, and much more. The best part is that you do not need to vacate your home or business for an extended period of time.  Unlike you would if you were to have a bug fogging service performed. Our cleaning chemicals are green, so they are not harmful to you, your pets, or your customers once the cleaning has been performed. Meaning whether you are having a home or your restaurant cleaned, we can have you back in the structure and living your life quickly. You will not have to worry about a place to stay, work, or any harm to guests or pets. 

As an industry leader, SERVPRO of Southern Staten Island has been fighting viruses for years by proactively cleaning against everything from SARS, Swine flu, to the common cold! If you or someone you know is interested in having these services performed or obtaining an estimate for these services, please don’t hesitate to give us a call today! 

Stay Safe. Stay Healthy.

Benefect® Botanical Disinfectant

1/2/2020 (Permalink)

cleaning supplies on shelves SERVPRO of Southern Staten Island only uses natural, safe and environmentally friendly cleaning supplies. Give us a call today at 718-979-4100!!

Benefect® Disinfectant is a Botanical Disinfectant, Fungicide, Virucide*, Tuberculocide, Cleaner and Deodorizer. Benefect® Disinfectant is EPA registered as a No Rinse No Wipe product. Just Spray and Walk Away. There are no label warnings or precautionary statements for use or disposal.

I. Directions:

  • No dilution required
  • Must SHAKE before each use.

II. Apply the product using one of the following:

  • ULV misting device
  • Sprayer - Pump or hand held
  • Cloth or sponge
  • Mop


  • Apply and wipe away
  • No rinsing required


  • Apply
  • Dwell 10 minutes
  • No rinsing required

 V. Specifications:

  • pH: 4 - 5
  • Shelf Life: 3 years
  • Color: Light tan Liquid
  • Size: Gallon
  • Fragrance: Lemon & Spice
  • Coverage: 1000 – 1200 ft2 per gallon


  • Bacteria – Gram-negative & Gram-positive
  • MRSA ? Salmonella enterica
  • Staphylococcus aureus
  • Pseudomonas aeruginosa Fungi
  • Trichophyton mentagrophytes Virus
  • HIV – 1 (AIDS virus)
  • Tuberculosis (Mycobacterium tuberculosis)


  • Residential – Commercial – Medical
  • Hospitals and Nursing homes
  • Food prep facilities
  • Schools, Universities and Daycare facilities
  • Health clubs
  • Sports equipment
  • Boarding and breeding kennels
  • Any area where high risk or chemically sensitive individuals may be present.


  • Disinfect hard non-porous materials
  • Control or inhibit odor on a variety of porous & semi porous materials including:
  • wood studding
  • subfloors
  • trim
  • lumber
  • tack strips
  • concrete
  • paneling
  • Deodorize
  • carpeting
  • carpet padding
  • other semi porous furnishings


  • Registered with the EPA as effective against blood borne/body fluid pathogens including Mycobacteria Tuberculosis (TB) and the HIV-1 virus.


  • Wipe to remove surface molds.
  • Spray after remediation procedure is complete.
  • Use proper remediation protocols

Staten Island Business Scorned by Mold

10/28/2019 (Permalink)

green equipment cut walls Your locally owned and operated, SERVPRO of Southern Staten Island has a crew of trained professionals for you & we are available 24/7 to help!

Mold can have a destructive impact on a commercial property. Mold from storms or other types of water exposure can badly damage local businesses and homes. Commercial properties are at a high risk of losing business until or while the mold issue is being resolved. Commercial Properties need a crew of highly trained professionals to remove or re-mediate mold. 

Our crew is extremely familiar with dealing with mold remediation and removal. We were recently working at a commercial mold loss. When our crew arrived on site, we removed all the carpeting in two rooms that were impacted by mold. Then, we finished removing the sheet rock on all four walls of the office.

We needed to remove all the debris. Unfortunately, the mold issue had spread to three palettes near the company’s file room that was supporting several empty boxes. The bottom rows were completely contaminated, so we had disposed of them for safety purposes. The area was completely wiped down with antimicrobial, to get rid of any harmful toxins that could have spread. Our crew then placed additional drying equipment by the conveyor belts of the office and stairwell in the back end of the warehouse.

In the days following, our crew began removing the screws from the frame holding the sheet rock and HEPA vacuumed all debris. The area was sprayed with a second coat of antimicrobial. The floors in one of the property’s storage room and the main office were removed. The room was HEPA vacuumed and wiped down with antimicrobial, this was necessary to kill the spread of bacteria and viruses that. We manipulated the filing cabinets to provide the property’s workers with accessibility to their contents. The filing cabinets were thoroughly wiped down with antimicrobial. All affected contents, including two desks were photographed for insurance purposes and then disposed. 

SERVPRO of Southern Staten Island is fully prepared with a qualified crew and the right materials to remove a commercial property’s mold infestation of any size. We can respond quickly with 24 hours, around the clock services to get your business back up and running in no time. Call us at (718) 979-4100.

Biohazard Cleanup and Restoration in Richmond County!

10/14/2019 (Permalink)

bloody kitchen floor 24/7/365 Bloodbourne Pathogen Cleanup - Like it never even happened!

SERVPRO of Southern Staten Island is recognized as the leading fire and water cleanup and restoration provider by hundreds of insurance companies. SERVPRO of Southern Staten Island Professionals offer fast and reliable biohazard, vandalism and crime scene cleanup and remediation services to residential and commercial property owners.

  • Exposure to biological and chemical contaminants can pose serious health consequences for building occupants, employees, customers and owners. Failure to properly handle and safely remove such substances can contribute to unhealthy and even dangerous environments.

SERVPRO of Southern Staten Island’s crew are professionally trained to safely and effectively remove hazardous biological substances and prepare waste for proper disposal in accordance to OSHA, EPA, and state and local health regulations. Equipped with the necessary safety equipment and cleaning products SERVPRO of Southern Staten Island helps turn unsafe environments into clean and safe homes and businesses.

SERVPRO of Southern Staten Island can help with:

  • Bloodbourne Pathogens
  • Methamphetamine Labs
  • Crime Scene Residues
  • Arson
  • Vandalism
  • Sewage Backups
  • Black Water Intrusions
  • Mold Mitigation and Remediation

Blood Bourne Pathogens- SERVPRO of Southern Staten Island professionals remove and dispose of bodily fluids, tissue and other potentially pathogenic substances as a result of accident, trauma, crime or death. Our trained professionals thoroughly clean, disinfect and deodorize the structure.

Methamphetamine Labs- Many of the chemicals used in the production of illegal drugs, such as methamphetamine, are volatile and can leave harmful residues throughout the structure. At SERVPRO of Southern Staten Island, our trained professionals follow all applicable federal and state guidelines to clean all surfaces.

Arson and Vandalism- Our trained professionals are recognized leaders at helping property owners recover quickly from fire and water damage. SERVPRO of Southern Staten Island also provides general cleaning and deodorization of services for situations resulting from vandalism including graffiti, egg, spoiled foods, and human or animal waste.

Sewage Backup- Sewage backups and black water intrusions are more than just nasty, smelly deposits- these damages also introduce harmful microorganisms into a structure. SERVPRO of Southern Staten Island’s professionals remove the sewage, contaminants and moisture, and disinfect while they clean. Our trained professionals ensure the structure is cleaned, disinfected and deodorized.

Call us today at 718-979-4100 for services 24/7/365!

Neighborhood Assistance

7/11/2019 (Permalink)

Many problems can occur in a property: fire, water, mold, deterioration and so on. Many of these problems are overwhelming and upsetting, and if you want to be relieved of stress know that there are people that can and will help you. 

At SERVPRO, we specialize in the cleanup and restoration of problems like these. If something unfortunate happens to your property, make sure to call our office for assistance. We will be sure to address the issue, and fix the problem. 

We Mean Clean

5/9/2019 (Permalink)

You live in the busiest city, you don’t have time to worry about the cleanliness of your office. When grime, odor, and moisture go beyond the range of your janitorial crew, call SERVPRO of Southern Staten Island. Whether it’s an odor problem or deep cleaning flooring or carpets, you can rely us to make your office look photo ready.

SERVPRO of Southern Staten Island specializes in air duct and HVAC cleaning, vandalism, carpet cleaning, blinds, debris removal, odor and sewage issues.  You can trust our team of professionals to put your office back into the business of being clean so you can do what you do best!  

We are on call 365 days of the year and are an around the clock cleaning and restoration company.  After hour cleaning at your service!

Our Services

5/8/2019 (Permalink)

We cover a range of restoration and cleaning services for your commercial or residential property.  When the unexpected happens, you can count on SERVPRO of Southern Staten Island to make it "Like it never even happened."  

• Fire, Smoke and Soot
• Water Removal & Dehumidification
• Mold Mitigation & Remediation
• Catastrophic Storm Response
• Move Outs & Contents Restoration
• Electronics & Equipment
• Document Drying
• Contents Claim Inventory Service
• Lead Abatement (RRP)

• Air Ducts & HVAC
• Biohazard & Crime Scene
• Vandalism
• Carpet & Upholstery
• Drapes & Blinds
• Ceilings, Walls & Hard Floors
• Deodorization
• Dumpster & Debris Removal
• Dry-Cleaning
• Data Center Cleaning
• Vandalism & Graffiti
• Trauma & Crime Scene
• Sewage & Toilet Overflow

No matter what your restoration or cleaning needs are, you can count on SERVPRO of Southern Staten Island to get things back into working order.  Give us a call today!

why use SERVPRO

1/23/2019 (Permalink)

If there is flooding in your New York home you should use SERVPRO to help to remove the aftermath of the flood. NYC is, after all, a serious of islands and sometimes floods from hurricanes and problems like sewage backup, but even the occasional burst or leaky water pipe can reap havoc on your home. SERVPRO provides flood remediation services, but understanding what this exactly involves can provide insight into just how valuable this service is. 

Inspection of Your Home 

If you call them in after a flood, they will start by visiting your home, inspecting the flooded area, and putting in place a flood remediation plan. Homeowners are generally aware that excess water should be removed from a flooded home, but often find themselves unable to locate other problems that are present after flooding. This is often because a significant portion of the damage that results from a flood can be hidden behind your walls and not noticeable to the naked eye. This danger is not immediate in nature and grows over time, and having it remedied quickly can be of significant benefit. 

Once the damaged area has been surveyed, the flood remediation plan can be put in place. 

Water Remediation Services 

Water can cause all sorts of problems in your home. Once it gets behind walls it can contribute to the growth of mold. In the case of salt water flooding, the salt water can cause electrical fires and contribute to other serious home problems. Further, it can contribute to structural problems in your home. 

SERVPRO works to address these problems by getting rid of water quickly using high quality fans and dehumidifiers to remove moisture from the flooded area. They apply anti-fungal treatments to the area which helps to inhibit mold growth and other addressable problems. They then will identify any structural problems that are identified through this flood remediation process and provide you with recommendation regarding future services to address the problems. In the meantime, they will often provide you with some basic band-aid like solutions for major problems that are being identified in the process.

Find a Specialist You Can Trust

5/19/2017 (Permalink)

When dealing with any type of fire, water, smoke or mold damage, it is more important than ever that you get the problem taken care of promptly. But, that means being able to find a specialist you can trust to come in and get the job done right the first time around. You don't want to have someone keep coming in time and time again in an attempt to clean up the damage. Acting quickly and efficiently is the key to minimizing the loss and ensuring your home is taken care of promptly.

As you look for a remediation specialist, you need to make sure you choose someone who has the skills to come in and handle what it is that you need. You don't want just anyone trying to correct the problem. You need someone with experience and dedication to getting the job done as quickly as possible while staying within your price range. It also needs to be someone that you can trust who you feel comfortable with. If you don't think the individual is capable of doing the job, it isn't worth your time and effort hiring them to let them try.

When you make the decision to hire our New York City team of professionals, you can rest assured that we put the customer first. Our goal is to get your property back in its original state as quickly as possible to help protect your health and minimize the amount of time you are inconvenienced. There is no reason why you should have to turn to anyone else when our team of specialists understands the intricacies of the business and what needs to be done. Don't waste time trying to figure out how to deal with the dame on your own turn to a Staten Island pro who can take care of the problem for you.

Does Something Smell Funny?

4/7/2017 (Permalink)

Sometimes there can be an odor in your home that you have tried to dispel but nothing seems to work. Odors can come from anything in or outside of your home, the most important part of odor removal is identifying the source of the odor. You may have tried home remedies for your odors such as cleaning and disinfecting but the odor returns.

SERVPRO of Southern Staten Island technicians are trained by the IICRC - Institute of Inspection Cleaning and Restoration Certification. This means that our technicians have gone through extensive training to successfully identify the source of odors. The source of an odor must be removed and all of the affected areas properly treated. Any permeable surface can be contaminated; this includes but is not limited to carpeting, wood flooring, furniture, and drywall. Anything that has been contaminated by the source of the odor must be treated as well.

The technicians at SERVPRO of Southern Staten Island have been trained to in using the proper products for the different materials contaminated by odors. You wouldn’t treat a wood floor the same way you would treat carpeting. You also wouldn’t treat mold odor removal in the same manner you would treat smoke odor removal.

SERVPRO of Southern Staten Island’s state of the art tools provide you with swift deodorization. Air scrubbers remove any contaminates from the air using a high-efficiency particulate air (HEPA) filtration system. Our new Hydroxyl Generators are new tools for deodorization that clean the contaminated area but allow the inhabitants to stay in the space during the deodorization process.

SERVPRO of Southern Staten Island are the experts for Cleanup and Restoration for your deodorization. Call SERVPRO of Southern Staten Island today for a free estimate 718-979-4100. We are Faster to Any Size Disaster.

Flir: Uncovering a Whole New Technology

8/18/2016 (Permalink)

Flir is changing the way you do things in your everyday life. It allows you to see and experience things in a way that you never thought possible. At SERVPRO, we are dedicated to helping our customers get the products and services they need at a price they can afford. If you have never used Flir technology in the past, you have no idea what you are missing out on. Check out some of the ways it can benefit you today.

  1. Flir allows you to tackle water leaks, bad plumbing, unwanted pests and heat loss to help you save money on the cost of a repairman. Once you know what you are dealing with, you can figure out how to fix it in the most cost-effective way.
  2. All major professionals use Flir to identify shorts in your wiring, leaks in your plumbing and much more. Instead of paying a fortune to repair professionals, our team at SERVPRO can help you save money and get the answers you need.
  3. Your safety is the most important thing in the world. With Flir, you can pinpoint and avoid potential risks before they ever occur in the first place. This tool can help you find a lost pet, detect a lurker outside and even tell you the temperature of baby food. It is the perfect all-in-one tool.

Find out more about Flir and how it can benefit you today. Our team at SERVPRO is ready to answer any questions you might have about it.

Infrared Detectors

8/15/2016 (Permalink)

Infrared Water Damage Image

Identifying the source of water damage at home or in your commercial building could prove to be a challenging task. This is because you only see the signs of a problem when they manifest themselves through ceiling, wall, floor or other parts of the building. However, our company is there to assist you in finding the source of the problem and helping you fix it. SERVPRO of Southern Staten Island makes the whole process hustle free where we use advanced technology like infrared detectors to identify the source of your water leakage.

How it works

The infrared detectors are tools with cameras that take rainbow-colored images. The images do not show the exact source of the problem. However, they show temperature differential and thermal patterns. The images help identify cold spots by the of presence of uneven insulation and moisture. Water spots in the images are always seen as dark blue spots since evaporative moisture cools the surface of nearby materials. Only a profession can be able to read the images and interpret them for you and at SERVPRO of Southern Staten Island we have just the right team to do so. Give as a call for any assistance in finding the source, cleaning and restoring your house. Save your house and on cost with us.

Understanding The Process

8/8/2016 (Permalink)

Having your home restored and cleaned is a process that many have to deal with but don't thoroughly understand. If you need to restore your home or office space that has been destroyed during a fire or some other catastrophic event, then you need to have a restoration team… while you need a team it's important to know the process that has to be taken during the restoration process. Here are the steps that will be taken during the process of restoration.

  • Upon the first point of contact our representative will ask questions that will guide us to the bring the right equipment for the restoration process… depending upon the damage and the cause the process of restoring will be different.

  • We make sure we properly inspect the area that needs to be restored; we look at rooms that alongside the area that may need attention. We do this so we can create a plan of action on how we are going to go about the process that is most effective.

  • The next step will be to make sure we have the area that needs to be restored is closed off to all other areas. We don't want to start the process and have any debris or other dust getting to other areas… no more damage needs to be done while we are doing the restorations.

  • Then we will clean and disinfect the area to make sure everything is sanitized and appropriately ready for us to begin the restorations

  • Restoration is ready to being… we work to get things back to normal; this may include repairs, replacement of drywall, carpet, paint and anything else that may need to be replaced.