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On Gyms Re-opening in New York City

8/13/2020 (Permalink)

Putting a Certified sticker up We are working on getting gyms CERTIFIED to help customers feel confident upon returning!

 Our franchise has been happy to serve the community as we reevaluate what it means to be clean during a pandemic. And how to help transition as life moves forward. On Staten Island, many businesses have struggled to keep their lights on as certain businesses are regulated to remain closed until the Governor says otherwise. This includes all gyms and fitness centers, which have been shuttered since the lockdown began in mid-March. As part of a movement to re-open gyms in New York, there has been a suggested protocol. In addition to checking temperature and limiting capacity, there is one more measure that professionals are suggesting. It's to test gyms monthly on their hygiene, testing for the virus on windows and doors. Those gyms not meeting standards would be taught the correct cleaning procedure by experts. Here at SERVPRO of Southern Staten Island, we have been offering our services to help business owners re-open safely. If gyms are to re-open soon, we are looking to help partner with owners to make sure that these places of wellness are prepared to serve their customers. Backed by over 60 years in the industry and our reputation of being the #1 name in cleanup and restoration, we are ready to assist Staten Island gyms when their doors open again. Don't wait! Call us at 718-979-4100 to book a consultation today and go over the unique cleaning & disinfecting needs of your business.